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With the boom of entertainment industries and gaming over the internet, one of the most important ways to deliver memorable communication is animation and multimedia. This is due to the fact that it makes communication more immersive, interactive, and very powerful which results in better understanding and clearer communication solutions. Our animation and multimedia services at LiQUiD PiXOL assures maximum penetration with higher level of acceptance. We always bring together the best of our multimedia technologies so that you can stay ahead of huge numbers of competitors in the market today. We make use of the latest technology trends to give our clients a unique and satisfying multimedia solution they have not experienced before.

At LiQUiD PiXOL, our area of expertise is in the creation of interactive based learning programs, corporate presentations, different types of animations such as medical animation, flash animation, 2D animation and all other animated graphics that you are highly in need of. We are also experts in terms of electronic catalogue of services and products, online gaming, presentation of promos and trade mark of businesses, training courses, photography albums, electronic reports.

High quality Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design is essential for the development of user-friendly touchscreen experiences. At LiQUiD PiXOL we know how to deliver interactive experiences both for visitor centre and museum quality touchscreen solutions.

We create custom interfaces, built to your specific needs and your end user requirements. We provide you with a visual concept of how your GUI will look and send you real time updates as your interface is built.

At LiQUiD PiXOL, we have skilled and professional animation and multimedia developers that utilise the latest multimedia technologies when creating different types of movie and cartoon animation, digital interactive design all tailored to your requirements. We make use of the best touchscreen interface design that can clearly navigate your end user and at the same time communicate clearly to your target audience. We develop animations using the right blend of music, colour, graphics and voice that results in a high quality multimedia piece.

At LiQUiD PiXOL, we have huge numbers of services that are completely related to animation and multimedia. These services are offered at an affordable price which makes our company unique over our huge competitors in the market. Here are the lists of some of the services we are offering:

• Logo Animation
• Interactive Presentation Through Multimedia
• Animated Commercial and Presentation of Trade Shows
• Video Production Having Special Effects
• 3D and 2D Animation Videos
• Animated Presentation of Trainings
• Animated Flash Presentations
• Voice Over Services
• Conference Presentations

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